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      1. HOTLINE: 18653455858

        Service Teams

        Guangzhou military insisted "love we of customer, for customer created wealth with to Joy!" of service concept, guarantee Guangzhou military brand of quality and good reputation, Guangzhou military company will to quality of service attitude, consistent of service enthusiasm, for General of customer provides most satisfaction of sale Qian after-sales service, for, company developed has series for customer provides from plans, and design, and field survey, and equipment debugging installation, and maintenance visit, specific of content, real do first-class of products, and First class service.

        Pre-sales design

        According to the customer's actual requirements determine the type and specification of equipment, can also be customized according to customer's special requirement and to provide production line design process, really design a reasonable satisfaction for the customer the product line. And training of technicians for the customer so that they acquire a certain amount of technical knowledge and maintenance tips. All of this does not charge any fees.

        Sales tracking

        In the sales process, always track the production process of the product, in the protection of product quality at the same time to shorten the production cycle, and acceptance of the product. In addition, the technicians of the company free to customers to help customers design and construction programme aimed at reasonable and has the lowest cost of construction scheme.

        After-sales service

        Free assigned a special after-sales service personnel, arrived at the scene and guide customers to install Debug until you made, and is responsible for the training of operators, until the customer is fully able to operate on their own production.

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