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      1. HOTLINE: 18653455858


        Goals and the pursuit of

        We to achieve the interests of the customer value maximization and corporate growth maximizing the win-win goal of responsibility, conscientious, cautious, relentlessly hard to pursue, 10— 20 years time make our enterprises become crushing field domestic leading and international well-known enterprise.

        Enterprise spirit

        Love factory patriotic, hard-working, honest and trustworthy, unity and mutual assistance is the spiritual source of our enterprise. Love of work, love life is our common outlook on life. Serious, responsible, practical and realistic is our code of conduct.

        Social responsibility

        Our staff is a good employee in the company, at home is a good husband and a good family, in the community are law-abiding, with social morality, to do a good citizen. Our company to serve the country industry as their responsibility for the prosperity of our great motherland and for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is the location of regional development and prosperity and make unremitting efforts.

        Management concept

        Scientific, rigorous, efficient, people-oriented, continuous innovation, the pursuit of higher efficiency and efficiency is our management philosophy. It will continue to inspire us to pursue excellence, to create the perfect.

        Business philosophy

        We lead to provide customers with leading technology, products, more excellent quality and service, a higher price performance ratio to the pursuit of the industry's first leading position. We either first or only.

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