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      1. HOTLINE: 18653455858

        Talent Concept

        — military expert at national level 7 senior engineers, 21 is a young, modern vibrant science and technology enterprise.

        —  the military, General Manager: Lu Hongbo gravel Association, Vice President, China National expert

        — China metallic wear-resistant materials academic member of the Academic Council

        — prevention and analysis on wear failure of China Professional Committee Standing Committee

        — the beginning of 1983 out of school that is engaged in the research of wear-resistant materials in cement industry

        — 1984 developed the new type of wear-resistant lining

        — 1987 success development domestic first sets high chrome ring ditch lining Board, to 2000 party was removal, create China wear lining Board using life most; created has domestic has official lining Board life records most long records; Lu total concentrated engaged in broken mill equipment, cement process, wear material, casting heat treatment, new energy development research field, in all period with has many strongly innovation concept of academic papers, and has large results birth.

        — developed in 1994 and exported Φ5.5 of Indonesia's largest rice mill head liner, grate the industry-wide concern

        —— selected in 1994, 31 domestic authoritative experts of academic Committee of Chinese metal wear-resistant materials, at the age of 31.

        — were invented in 1999 "sandwich" Super hammer, solves the world focus headaches for the industry, realize the strength and toughness of high degree of unity, and obtained the national patent.

        — 2004 development of Super strength and high wear-resisting chromium alloy lining to market, Guangdong horse and cement group successfully applied on the Φ5.0×10.5 rice mill, than high manganese steel by 2~3 times;

        — 2005 developed and marketed "big teeth" Super hammerhead, due to its high hardness, high toughness used in single-stage crushing of limestone to be successful.

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